Dive Safari

Safari North (1 week, minimum 30 dives)

You are picked up at the airport of Hurghada and we drive to a marina where we board our safari boat. We go to the north for some reefs.
We navigate to Abu Nuhas where we make 3 wreck dives:

  1. the Chrisoula K, carrying Italian ceramic, sunk on the 31st of August 1981,
  2. the Ghiannis D, carrying wood, sunk in April 1980,
  3. the Carnatic, sunk on the 12th of September 1869.

On our way to Shaab Ali, we dive on the most known wreck of the Red Sea, the Thistlegorm, transporting British war equipment. It was bombed on the 6th of October 1941. On the North of Shag Rock we will find the Kingston, sunk on the 22nd of February 1881.

On the way back, we will make a dive on the sister ship of the Thistlegorm, the Rosalie Moller, bombed by the same esquadron two days later. We also dive on beautiful reefs such as Siyul Kebir, Bluff Point, Shaab El Erg (chance to see dolphins). There is also time for beautiful night dives.

Maybe during our adventures we will find an undiscovered wreck?

Safari St John’s (1 week, minimum 30 dives)

You are picked up at the airport, then we go to Hamata (about 5h drive) to board our safari boat.

First we make a check dive on a small reef and then we go with full speed in the direction of St John’s. There in the deep south, we find about seven reefs:

  1. Gota Kebira – a big round reef,
  2. Gota Soraya – a small round reef,
  3. Habili Ali – a reef that start at 5 m depth,
  4. Habili Gaafar – a point coming from the endless depth,
  5. Um Elruk – a reef with a lot of pineacles,
  6. Dangerous reef – Abu Ishara,
  7. Um Khararim – a reef with a long cave system.

A lot of drop offs, big corals, big font shells, shoals fish, tuna, napoleon fish, rays… Nice night dives.

You will never get enough of it.

Safari Brothers (1 week, minimum 30 dives)

You are picked up at the airport from where we leave (Hurghada or Marsa Allam – depends on the plan) to make the check in on the boat.

First we make a check dive and then at full speed we go to the Brothers, two islands in the middle of the Red Sea. On Big Brother there is a light tower built by the British in 1883.

After only 20 minutes navigation we find Little Brother.

On Big Brother there are 2 wrecks: the Aïda, sunk on the 15th of September 1957, which transported supplies for the light towers and the Numidia which sunk in July 1901.

On Little Brother we will find wonderful and colorful gorgones, napoleon fish, tuna, barracuda, treasure shark, grey shark, hammerhead. There is a chance of a meeting eye in eye with an ocean shark. If we are lucky, we can meet manta rays or a whale shark.
Snorkeling and night dives are not allowed.

For more information about dive safaris, please contact us directly by email, phone, facebook or our contact formular.