Our Current Prices
1 day on the boat, 2 reefs20€
1 dive28€
2 dive42€
Dive PackagesPrice
3 days - 6 dives132€
4 days - 8 dives165€
5 days - 10 dives198€
6 days - 12 dives232€
10 days - 20 dives343€
Other divesPrice
* incl. tank, weights, box and boat ** excl. 3 € reeftax per day
House reef20€
Night dive house reef25€
Night dive (boat)35€
Early morning (house reef)35€
Eguipment hirePer Day(5 Days or More)
complete: ABC + regulator + BCD + suit20€15€
Per item: regulator - BCD - Suit5€4€
ABC complete (sep. 2,50 € / day)5€5€
Divecomputer - compass - torch5€5€
Digitalkamera Pentax incl. Foto - CD20€18€
Nitrox 12 L tank extra4€4€
Nitrox 15 L tank extra5€5€
Compressed air 15 L tank extra4€4€
Discover Scuba DivingPrice
1 dive from the boat (incl. equipment)45€
2 dives from the boat (incl. equipment)80€
1 dive at the house reef (incl. equipment)35€
2 dives at the house reef (incl. equipment)35€
PADI / SDI Dive Education Price
Dive safar is to different locations in Egypt south and north for groups of 15 or more people on request.
All prices include 10 % sales tax.
Junior Scuba Diver and Scuba Diverincl. equipment and logbook209€
Junior Open Water Diver and Open Water Diver8 dives incl. equipment, logbook, theory and certificate298€
Open Water Dives - Junior Open Water Diver and Open Water Diver4 dives incl. equipment,logbook and certificate198€
PADI/SDI Advanced OWD5 dives incl. theory and certificate209€
PADI/SDI Specialityf.e. Deep, Night and Navigation, Nitrox incl. theory and certificateon request
Emergency First Responsetheory and practical exercises incl. certificate121€
Rescue Diver3-4 days, theory und certificate265€
PADI/SDI Divemasteron request incl. dives and applicationon request
Solo Divetheory and certificate198€